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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #116

I have 6 3-4" discus in a 58 gallon planted tank.  Two of the discus look 
rather emaciated and eat poorly (they also tend to get bullied by the other 
fish), and I have noticed at least one of them with distinct long white 
stringy feces.  I presume a metro treatment for intestinal flagellates is in 
order (including raising the water temp to 93 degrees or higher). My question 
is, will this damage (?kill) my plants?  I have crypt wenditii (several 
varieties), crypt retrospiralis, java fern, and isoetes lacustris.  The 
plants are doing well, and I would hate to see them suffer.  Any help/advise 
would be sincerely appreciated. Linc Duffy. Pleasant Valley, NY