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Re: Nuisance Algae

I didn't take this as a joke. After battling hairy, thread algae in a 20 
gallon tank for several months, and successfully conquering it, I was quite 
happy to see a green algae covering the driftwood in the tank. I could not 
grow green algae (other than spot algae) while the hair algae was present in 
the tank. This green algae spread to cover a good portion of gravel. At last 
the otocinclus have something to eat (besides zucchini, which will not grow 
in the tank, and I was forced to throw it in there for them). It's actually 
very lovely, deep green, and has a very cottony, dense appearance to it. Even 
though it does somewhat mar the deep red-purple leaves of l. glandulosa, I am 
not in the least considering trying to get rid of it, as I like the 
appearance. Perfect for a fish tank.


<< James wrote:
 >The answer to that is easy - it's the attitude of the aquarist towards
 >algae. Change the attitude, no more nuisance.
 I _think_ you were joking when you said this, James, weren't you?