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Bumble Bee Goby

Dear Cesar,

>I was at the LFS stocking up on cardinal tetras and the sales person >was 
>being nice giving me extra fish.

I think that was very nice of him, but it also shows his lack of knowledge 
concerning the fish he is selling.  Seeing that you purchased a south 
american freshwater fish that enjoys a very low pH and soft water, it seems 
rather foolish to sell you a fish that comes from Malasia, Thialand, 
Vietnam...give or take ;), that enjoys extremely hard water, a high pH, and 
(here's the kicker) brackish water.  I am not trying to generate any 
animosity.  I simply wanted to point out that this salesperson, albeit very 
nice and generous, doesn't seem to have much knowledge of the fish he/she is 

Bumble bee Gobies (Bracygobius Xanthozona) are best kept in a species tank 
with lots of rocks and driftwood branches (read "roots").  They are 
territorial, but do best with only others of their own kind.  The salinity 
of the water is best kept at 1.010 to 1.012, but fluctuations above and 
below this are tolerated well  (better on the low side though).  The Baensch 
atlas states, "the species is sensitive to freshwater..."

I have kept these in a species tank for years and I have found they are very 
easy to keep.  I have had them spawn on numerous occasions, with the male 
guarding and fanning the eggs.  The males almost take on a cherry red 
glowing color when they are in the "mood".

>It currently seems harmless and likes to hide
>in the plants towards the back of the tank.

Unfortunately that is were the goby will stay until the water parameters 
match the environment it is used to.  I would suggest either setting up a 
small brackish tank with a few more gobies and some rocks and driftwood.  
Either that, or find this goby a new home fast.

Hope that helps.

Michael Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

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