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Re: Tom's magic water

So when are you coming over with that Mg test kit? I believe the PO4 was
.5-.6 in my 90 gallon tank BTW. The tap was 1.0-.9 at least. I had done a
50% water change about 2-3 days prior to the testing and added only a small
amount of food (2 feedings quickly consumed by the Congo's)

This (Mg), of all the nutrients, is the big one for me for some different

Point one: is the issue of replacement of Fe at high levels(overdosing). I
thought I might had have this situation in the past with my Anubias and some
veining but I think not after playing with MgSO4 and as always..........    
I tend to take things very far in both directions. I really have not done
the deficiency in the water column thing but I certainly have over dosed
based on known mixes and adding too much. I did not get the veining in the
Anubias as I was expecting. So what is the range of Mg that folks are using
and what are the good and bad effects that they are attributing to excess
Mg? I'm a bit in the dark as far as the levels in my tank based on my
"magic" water here. It could be quite high. I need a test kit again<G>.

Point two: is it the, or one of the nutrients that cause algae to be
outcompeted by the higher plants? So many questions and so many more on the

Subject: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #111
>Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2000, 12:48 AM

 Steve wrote:
>And by the way,  I stopped by Tom Barr's house in Marin County, CA yesterday
>and was very surprised to find 0.8 ppm phosphate in his large tank, and 1
>ppm phosphate in his water supply.  Many of us in the Bay Area have observed
>that Marin water seems to have some magic about it.  The aquatic gardeners
>can often do quite well without the difficulties that perplex their brothers
>and sisters just over the bridge in San Francisco.  FWIW, for those of you
>who know Tom and his tanks, he is rarely troubled with algae problems. 

But I maintain planted tanks in SF too! -:) And I'm doing another one this