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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #103

Botia is the name of a genus, not a species. Some Botia species (e.g., clown
loaches, as a common example) grow to over a foot long. Some Leptobotia, a
closely related genus, get to twice that size (e.g., "Chinese royal clown

BTW, I have lots of loaches, but they don't eradicate snails with anywhere
near the ruthless efficiency of my Synodontis multipunctatus. If you have a
Rift Lake tank with a snail problem and can find S multipunctatus, they will
kill all snails overnight.


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> Subject: re: snail eating loaches
> If you can find them botia loaches will eat all of your snail eggs and most
> small snails. botias stay small ( 1" or so)and fit into community tanks
> fine. They are schoolers so you'll want at least 5 to keep them happy.