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snail eating loaches

there have been a few posts lately regarding getting rid of snails.  I agree 
that MTS are good snails, not
anything to worry about.  I 've got millions ans have given away and traded 
plenty of them.
As for teh pond snails thta have infested one of my smaller tanks i wish i 
could find a way to rid myself of them short of smashing each and every oen 
my hand (a very tedious task indeed).
I have avoided clown loaches because of their potentially large size and the 
fact that (in my experience) one is never happy by itself.  So, i always get 
two and then i have to deal with two potentially large fish that are very 
damaging to my plants when i go to take them out and trade them back to the 
So, what are other aquarists experience with other loaches that will eat 
I've got two (unidentified) loaches in a tank now that is full of pond 
snails and i've never seen them eat one.  they are mostly a whitish color 
with a black stripe down their back.  They are a lot of fun to observe, but 
no help with the snail problem.  Of course, they may not need to eat any 
since i feed that tank fairly heavily (thus all the snails) or they may be 
eating some but the snail population is too great to be noticeably affected. 
Any suggestions.
In OKC, now working toward forming an aquarium club of our own!

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