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> Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 02:47:29 EST
> From: C88gthdr at aol_com
> Subject: Re: MTS
> Hehe...quite the MTS overpopulation you have on your hands 
> eh? Man oh man I 
> feel your pain, really. I mean REALLY. Since pain sucks, I'll 
> do what I can 
> to help you out. Here goes:
> 1) Overfeeding seems to lead to the population explosion so 
> if you keep the 
> overfeeding down to minimum then you should see the population slowly 
> decrease over the course of a few months...length depending 
> on the quality 
> and krudiness of your substrate as the little buggers seem to 
> subsist on krud.

Probably the best solution.

> 3) Snail-A-Cide, never tried it before because the patience 
> thing works for 
> me and it's free, but you're practically guaranteed immediate 
> results and 
> it's fairly cheap. Anyone have a word on Snail-A-Cides.
> Hope it helps.
> Dan P

Why would you want all those dead snails in your tank?  At least reducing
feedings would eliminate them slowly.

Personally, I can't see any reason to try and control them.  They do serve a

Bob Ashcraft
Pittsburgh, PA