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Hehe...quite the MTS overpopulation you have on your hands eh? Man oh man I 
feel your pain, really. I mean REALLY. Since pain sucks, I'll do what I can 
to help you out. Here goes:

Clown loaches are pretty expensive (if you haven't noticed) and they don't 
eat the MTS's because the shells are really thick and they have a little 
plate they draw over there shells to seal themselves in and keep predators at 
bay. So no go on the Clown Loaches. They do work for some of the other snails 
in my tank which I don't know the names of.

I tried the soft acidic water thing which also got sort of expensive and I 
didn't get ANY results with it. The little things don't seem to care about 
water quality much. So what ought you do?

1) Overfeeding seems to lead to the population explosion so if you keep the 
overfeeding down to minimum then you should see the population slowly 
decrease over the course of a few months...length depending on the quality 
and krudiness of your substrate as the little buggers seem to subsist on krud.

2) If you're impatient and want to give things a kick start, stick a saucer 
with a piece of meat on it in your tank before you got to bed and remove it 
in the morning by which time it'll be covered in MTS's. 

3) Snail-A-Cide, never tried it before because the patience thing works for 
me and it's free, but you're practically guaranteed immediate results and 
it's fairly cheap. Anyone have a word on Snail-A-Cides.

Hope it helps.

Dan P