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Re: Hornwort


 >>In the aquarium, on the other hand, it prefers relatively high 
light, and it does not tolerate transportation for extended periods. It 
excretes substances toxic to algae (allelopathic behaviour) and at 
good growth conditions it efficiently inhibits most algae growth. "

>>Does anyone know is this is really true?  Does anyone have any 
experience with this?


.>>My only experience with hornwort was in a 29 gallon tank, sitting in a
south window.  No CO2, no filter.  MAJOR algae.  Thick pale green
cotton-y stuff that coated everything, hornwort included.  That
particular algae is a problem in any tank I have ever set in direct
morning sunlight.  Maybe hornwort stops other algeas, though, since the
fluffy stuff was the only kind I had a problem with. But thinking about
it, maybe CO2 would help fix that problem... 

I also have a 29 gallon in a south sunny window heavily planted with a tangle 
of floating hornwort to shade some crypts. The hornwort flowers abundantly 
and is thick. I have never had an algae problem, except for a little green 
spot algae. One CAE (meant to get the SAE but was sold the wrong fish) in the 
tank, some gouramies, some fry of other fish. Some long green tough algae in 
the filter box but never in the tank.