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Re: carpet plants

Tom Barr wrote:

> >Isoetes sp.:  I have a couple clumps of this stuff that send their quills
> >up about 2 inches then spreads horizontally to a diameter of 6 inches or
> >so.  It grows slowly and requires no regular feeding or trimming and seems
> >like an ideal low-growing foreground plant, It even provides a nice bush
> >or bunch-grass look that could be used well in an Amano-style landscape
> >analogy.  Its downside seems to be the same as its upside.  It is slow
> >growing and I'm continually weeding more aggressive plants out from around
> >it so that it doesn't get smothered.  It's in the same tank with the
> >Lileaopsis stand and some E. tenellus and both plants tend to grow into
> >the isoetes.
> I'd like some. I do very well with the taller types. One of my personal
> fav's. Groovy plant that is under appreciated and used. Very suseptible to
> brush algae.

I think it's a great plant, too.  The horizontal growth on my plants could
just be an adaptation of normally vertically-growing species to conditions
in that tank.  I don't know.  Does anyone know how to propogate isoetes?
If I could then I wouldn't mind passing some around.


> Java moss is very nice attached to wood and is far less laborious than the
> Riccia. Try the hairnet thing for Riccia and or java moss.

I did try java moss briefly, but honesty I thought it was less attractive
than many forms of algae.

Roger Miller