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re: carpet plants

Hello All,
been a while since i posted, noticed Roger's post and thought i'd add my 2 
I've tried e. tenellus and lileopsis and came up with the same results as 
Roger.  Both tend to get rather "tall" under different circumstances.
I've had marisela (sp?) and found that it creeps rather well under shading 
and seemed to grow tall with more light.
(i didn't have much and most of it got choked by the e. tenellus.)
I have had H.diformis grow horizontally and it looked alright until the 
snails decided it was a delicacy.
Havent had H.luecocephala or isoetes, but they sound interesting.
In fact, i am waiting for Arizona Aquatics to have what i want available 
then i will prob order some!
good day,
Joe Anderson
w/o an aquarium club too, in Oklahoma Cty
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