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Re: Cathy's Isoetes

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Cathy Hartland wrote:

> My son finally returned the camera to me and I shot a roll of film of one of
> my aquaria. It's a 40H meant to be low-maintenance, so the planting is not
> complex or unusual.

Do you happen to know what species of isoetes you're growing?  It has a
nice vertical form.  I have some that I've always presumed was Isoetes
lacustris that is planted in the center of a 20 gallon tank under 40 watts
of light.  The leaves spread out horizontally, rather than growing upward.
That's real nice for a low foreground plant - which is how I'm using it -
but I'd like to find some that grows more vertically.

Roger Miller