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Re: Cats and aquaria

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, S. Ashworth wrote:

> When your cat drinks out of the fish tank you should find out why.

My big white tom drinks out of my tanks anytime I take the hoods off (that
is, when he isn't busy protecting the civilized world from the Thing In
The Bush).  I think he originally just wanted to watch the fish, then he
found that as a bonus he could also drink the water while he watched.
It's "wild" water, instead of the tame stuff in his bowl; all of our cats
prefer to forage for water rather than drinking the water that's given to

I think he is the only cat we've ever had that hasn't (at least once)
launched itself from across the room, face first into the side of a tank.
There's no broken glass yet, but one of the cat's developed a *real* short
attention span.

Roger Miller