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Tetra initial sticks

I though I would share what I learned about these tetra initial sticks with 
the list.

One, don't use these guys with sand, when you vacuum the sand the sticks 
float to the top of the sand and make a terrific cloud.
Two, I you use them do what Wade suggested and seal it with a bunch of gravel.
Three, if they do float to the top of the sand you can carefully push them 
back down, careful because they are very soft and break apart easily.

On the plus side the hornwort is doing well, not to much fall out from the 
shock of going into a cold tank (70F) . But that could be the cypto tabs.
I need to go to the faq's for a small foreground plant that like it cool.
Next time florite! Even if I have to pay double for retail/shipping.

Basically, the instructions don't tell you to cover the mix of gravel and 
initial sticks with plain gravel, and that's the problem.  We did this the 
first time and it was a disaster.  Algae everywhere.  Then, I found the 
APD, along with the advice to cover the mix with a layer of plain 
gravel.  Problem solved.

Hope this helps.

Wade Shimoda


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