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Re: Osram bulbs

Stephen Boulet <stepheb at comm_mot.com> wrote:

> I was interested in the Osram Dulux L 5400K compact fluorescent after
reading the
> article at http://www.aquabotanic.com/lightcompare.htm.
> I called an Osram rep who could only find this bulb in a max temperature
of 4100 K.
> Is she right about that?  :)
> The part number for the 4100K is FT55DL-841. I assume the 5400K would be
> FT55DL-841.
> She recommended the Quicktronic ballast QT1x54 PHO (or 2x54 for two
lights). Any
> ballast recommendations for this bulb?
> Thanks.
> - -- Stephen

These are European bulbs from Osram/Sylvania, sold by Perfecto for their 
SHOLigth fixtures. Mine sport a "made in Italy" label. And the Osram rep
is rigth, the American Osram/Sylvania data sheet for the Dulux L model 
lists color temperatures up to 4100K only. You'll probably have to buy 
the 5000K model from places that sell the Perfecto fixtures.

The ballast in my 36" SHOligth is the QT2x54 PHO.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD