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Re: Osram bulbs


I also looked into getting the Osram 5400K and the 6700K bulbs from lighting
dealers and was told that the 4100K is the highest they list.  What is
probably the case is that Osram is manufacturing then OEM(original equipment
manufacturer)  for Perfecto in the U.S. so Osram USA has no listing in their
catalog for them as a direct retail item. I believe they are available in
Europe. When I first bought my SHO lights, My bulbs were in Osram boxes
inside of Perfecto Boxes but later bulbs were in Perfecto boxes only.
> Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 12:46:36 -0600
> From: Stephen Boulet <stepheb at comm_mot.com>
> Subject: Compact flourescent part number
> I was interested in the Osram Dulux L 5400K compact fluorescent after
reading the
> article at http://www.aquabotanic.com/lightcompare.htm.
> I called an Osram rep who could only find this bulb in a max temperature
of 4100 K.
> Is she right about that?  :)
> The part number for the 4100K is FT55DL-841. I assume the 5400K would be
> FT55DL-841.
> She recommended the Quicktronic ballast QT1x54 PHO (or 2x54 for two
lights). Any
> ballast recommendations for this bulb?
> Thanks.
> - -- Stephen