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Re: CO2 Questions

Chuck Gadd said....
>> >What do you mean by DIY co2?  If you mean a yeast bottle, it won't help
>> >in a 120g tank.  Plus, with a yeast setup, you don't control the bubble
>> >rate...
>> I use DIY CO2 on several tanks including a 180 gallon. The latter
>> grows plants very well, all types, forty species+, using two 2-liter
>> bottles changed at alternating intervals of ten to twelve days. Of
>> course a pressurized tank is easier, cheaper, less time-consuming,
>> and generally more stable unless a disaster occurs. But it does work.
>Any idea how much CO2 you are getting?  If two are providing enough in
>a 180, than my single bottle on my 29 should be way overkill.

No idea, but it is enough and oxygen bubbles are visible. I use one
bottle with 3/8 tsp. of yeast on a 29 gallon.

>My main intent was that a single 2L bottle wouldn't provide enough.  Of
>course, I would have thought that 2 bottles would be too little.  In your
>setup, does a single bottle last for 10-12 days, or twice that?  If it's
>10-12 days, you're obviously getting a faster reaction than I'm use to,
>as mine last 3 to 4 weeks.  I guess with more yeast in the mix, it'll
>produce more for a shorter time.

A bottle lasts almost four weeks, but production slows down after ten
to twelve days. Each bottle operates for about three weeks.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca