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Re: Re: CO2 and science

Biplane10 at aol_com sez:
> Some people walked away 
>  with the understanding that CO2 was not harmful in their tank (with the 
>  implied suggestion that it did not need to be so closely monitored) with 
>  net result that fish are are now dying. Someone even responded to one 
>  suggesting that it wasn't the CO2 in the tank,  but instead detergent or 
>  something else that had gotten into the tank, that killed the fish. 

I was the one that suggested that maybe the fish were killed by some other 
contaminate, like soap.  In the same message, I said that I had personally 
killed a fish by accidently overdosing CO2 from a yeast bottle.  I don't know 
the exact mechanism of the fish's demise, but I gave first hand anecdotal 
evidence that it is possible.  But the symptoms described by whoever asked 
the original question more closely matched another accident I had with a bit 
of detergent.  

I think suggesting alternative causes that might be overlooked is a lot more 
useful than engaging in highly technical intellectual theorizing (and I'm an 
engineer, so I have an appreciation for detailed technical information, even 
if I only partially understand it.)

So, I'm not sure what you are upset about???