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RE: PEI red topsoil

Wayne Jones has some problems locating gravel...

> I have always had a difficult time finding the right size and type of
> gravel in my area.

O.K., yet your message gives absolutely NO indication of WHERE "your" area
is. How is anybody here supposed to help you?

> I have access
> to a huge pile (50 tons) of pink crushed granite which I like the look of

Sand (or gravel) made from quartz or granite would be fine (chemically
speaking, it is inert) - the gravel sounds like it might be a bit coarse for
an aquarium though. What mineral is the sand made from? Is there any CaCO3
in the sand?

> I also have
> about 3 pounds of Prince Edward Island red topsoil that I am going to mix
> into the bottom of the substrate and I am considering adding a
> small amount
> of peat moss with the soil as well. What are peoples opinions on the
> addition of peat into this type of substrate?

Go to Steve Pushak's web-site and read his articles on building a soil
substrate. Prince Edward Island is home to quite a bit of high intensity
agriculture (growing all of those potatoes) - do you know FOR SURE that the
soil sample you have is free of both fertilizer and pesticide residue?

James Purchase