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Clay and Hastings County Geology

>Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 05:24:41 -0600
>From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
>Subject: RE: Sexton's Search For Clay
>Richard Sexton asked about the percentage of Iron which should be in clay
>used in a substrate. I dunno anything about what "should" be there, but in
>(http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/month.9706/msg00025.html), Onis
>Cogburn, a potter, stated that the red color in pottery clays is caused by
>Ferric Oxide and that one commonly available brand "RedArt Clay" contained
>6%-8% Ferric Oxide.

Hmm, so if I add a pound of steel wool to it, I'll get the same
thing. (I add steel wool under a layer of manure already. I've
been told the anaerobic conditions turn ferric into ferrous
oxide. Dunno how well this works I still need to add liquid

>An aside, also of absolutely no use to aquatic gardeners, but interesting
>none-the-less, is that Bancroft, Ontario is only one of 2 locations on Earth
>(the other being in Siberia) where you can find samples (94%) of ALL the
>known minerals found on Earth. One impetus that might spur Richard to
>actually go out and look for a local source of clay is the fact that a 23
>carat diamond was once found in the area... (Richard, check out the
>following URL: http://www.bredberg.on.ca/bredberg/geo/madocg1.htm).

Yup. The old timers around here (they REALLY are characters) have a 
saying: "There's evrything here and there's nothing here". That
is yeah, you can find gold in the river in the back yard, just

There is a spent gold mine in our back yard. And a working
one half a km up the road. The Madoc mining company in BC owns
it. It's very low grade ore though.

The main marble mill is on hiway 62 just north of Madoc. You
can't miss it, trust me.

Bancroft is a great place. On Aug 1-2-3 weekend theyt have a
"Gemboree" and about 300 geam/mineral/fossil dealers show up.
It's like a musesum except you can buy stuff. It's really fun.

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