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Re: Riccia

on 17/1/00 10:34 pm, Alfred Heng at alheng at pacific_net.sg wrote:

> You are in Singapore right?  If you want to get rid of it, switch off your
> fan and the temp will rise to 30-31 degrees C, wait 10 days.  Most of the
> stuff you have in your tank will not have a problem, unless you have since
> installed a chiller and have low temp plants.

Hi Alfred, yes I'm in Singapore too :-)
I don't think your idea would work though, as I used to have Riccia thriving
in my tank when I didn't have a fan and my tank was covered by a self-made
aluminium hood (which I thought would dissipate heat, but didn't).

Those were the days when, on a good day, the temps would be about 30-31
degrees. And in the hot season, it got up to about 33-34 degrees. Heck the
water was hotter than the air in the hall!

The Riccia didn't just survive, it thrived! Like I said before, I came home
one day to find an entire large driftwood floating cos of the amazing
lifting abilities of the riccia!!

If you have some other plant, Java Moss especially, that's suffering from
the riccia plague (they get matted into the moss, making removal all but
impossible) then try what one of my friends has done with success.

He simply removed the whole driftwood, and soaked it in a pail that was
covered up for about a month or so. All the riccia would then die (even the
mutated ones) and the moss, which is virtually indestructible, would be left
in pristine condition.

I can't do that though, cos in my tank, the entire foreground carpet is Java
Moss. To remove the whole thing would be really ugly, not to mention
dangerous, taking into account how much photosynthesising vegatation I would
be removing from the tank!

Mark Pan
We don't inherit the earth from our parents.
We borrow it from our children.
North American Indian saying.