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>Hello Tom, 
>I have seen riccia grow in a friend's tank where he simply pushed bunches of
>them in the gravel. Apparently, they can actually anchor themsleves in the
>gravel better than any tying to driftwood would do! By that time though, I
>had already given up on riccia. Why don't you try it Tom?
>Mark Pan

I've tried near everything with it. Gravel too, I have tried it many times.
Doesn't work.  A *friend's* tank doesn't count. Personal long term
experience does<g>! I can quickly toss some gravel on there to make it
appear that way but it's never attached in any tank I've ever seen. I can
definitely say with out any doubt that tying it to a branch will keep it
submersed far better than any gravel method. You will have turf pieces
floating up quite a lot. The dark green type will get entangled in
Glossostigma to no end but will not "attach".
I am sorry, but I haven't seen any proof and that is what it'll take for me
to believe it and recant my position. Even if it "is possible" it is not
going to hang on much............and when those bubbles start up it will let
go and float. Or if you have any fish ,shrimps etc......
I've heard the rhizoid notions but haven't seen any info on Riccia
specifically. My experience tells me otherwise(non attaching) to
Tom Barr