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Re: Java fern problem

>Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 11:58:07 -0800
>From: Hanna L Weiss <naboo3 at juno_com>
>Subject: Java fern problem
>Hi, 11.17.00
> About 6 months ago, my tank crashed and i started from scratch.  Most of
>my big fish survived and the plants survived.  A week or two after the
>set up was complete, I noticed a brown almost fuzzy growth on my Java
>ferns.  My father said that it looked as if the plants were rotting.
>Growing conditions were perfect.  the disease spread rapidly, and i
>removed the infected leaves.  Eventually all leaves were gone. this
>affected only the Java ferns.  over the next 5 months growth was slow,
>but disease free.  Much to my horror, I looked into my tank on day and
>found the fuzzy growth.  The leaves would turn a transparent brown from
>the edges and work it's way in.  Any help would be appreciated.

My java fern does the same. It's quite normal. But it has never happened
that all the leaves do it at once.

Some leaves do rot away. Normally after a few new plants has built beneath
the old leave.
And the part about transperant tips, is normal

Don't worry

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