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Interesting observation and a question...

My tank, over the last 6 months or so has gone down hill...  Over the last
couple of months, I saw an explosion of Java Moss where there was none.  It
was choking the tank, and no matter how much I removed, it just kept coming
back.  Then I started seeing BG algae and hair algae on the edges of leaves.
It started covering everything and even killing off plants.  After lots of
head scratching, my best guess was a lack of Ca or Mg, so I added a stocking
with about 1/4 cup of dolomite (MgCO2 and CaCO2 I think).  About 2/3 of this
dissolved rather quickly, and the rest is still slowly dissolving with water
changes.  Any way, the interesting thing is, the BG algae and the java moss
started receding almost over night, and its been 2 weeks, and its almost all
gone.  The hair algae is slowly going away also.  I guess I either got lucky
or hit the nail on the head.  Either way, it seems to have stabilized now.
One small problem though, there is still a little bg algae that is
stubbornly hanging on to one of they driftwood stumps.  Any ideas on what I
can do?  I was actually considering physically removing it.