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Java fern problem

Hi,											11.17.00
	About 6 months ago, my tank crashed and i started from scratch.  Most of
my big fish survived and the plants survived.  A week or two after the
set up was complete, I noticed a brown almost fuzzy growth on my Java
ferns.  My father said that it looked as if the plants were rotting. 
Growing conditions were perfect.  the disease spread rapidly, and i
removed the infected leaves.  Eventually all leaves were gone. this
affected only the Java ferns.  over the next 5 months growth was slow,
but disease free.  Much to my horror, I looked into my tank on day and
found the fuzzy growth.  The leaves would turn a transparent brown from
the edges and work it's way in.  Any help would be appreciated.
    }}=<((((0>       }}=<((((0>   Hanna
               }}=<((((0>              Naboo3 at juno_com

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