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Re: Noisy overflow

Chester Wong wrote:

> Point well taken.  However, my biggest concern is slurping noise.  A nice
> corner overflow with a 1" bulk head on the bottom, for example, will allow the
> water to trickle down the sides of the overflow and then down the sides of the
> 1" tube to the trickle filter.  With my marine setup, I purchased one of those
> retrofit kits.  The downtube was only something like 1/2" or so.  It made this
> slurping noise that drove me mad!!!!  How would you prevent such noise from
> happening to something like a 1/2" PVC fitting.  I forsee the water slowly
> trickling down the side until the water level rises a bit.  There would be a
> critical point where the air entering into the PVC pipe would stop and a pure
> siphon would be created.  Water flow would increase dramatically until the
> siphon was broken.  *slurp* *slurp* *slurp*  Unless you are suggesting having
> the PVC bulkhead through the glass contain the straining device fit straight on
> without any elbows....so that water would just cascade down the side...
> Hmmm....
> Chester

You're right that the system should provide a cascading effect all the time 
and prevent the siphon effect to ever happen. This might be achieved with a
low enough flow rate combined with a wide enough pipe bore. I still have to
assemble a working prototype to test the idea before actually building it 
into the tank, so I can't tell you right now what the actual numbers would
be. As soon as my garden pond gets warm enough to stick my hands in, I intend
to use its 350 gph pump (the same I'll use in the aquarium) to check out
the idea. If you are interested, I can write you then.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD