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Re: <no subject>

on 17/1/00 3:28 pm, Thomas Barr at tcbiii at earthlink_net wrote:

> Some info:
> "Does Riccia have rhizoids that serve as an anchor of sorts?" **If** this is
> so, I have not found that they "stick" much to anything. I guess "attaching"
> could be seen as in ""attaching with fishing line" but the plant doesn't
> "attach" like say a Java fern or Anubias. I haven't seen any Riccia specific
> info on rhizoids and their appearance on Riccia specifically. Just
> liverworts generally. Anyone know?

Hello Tom, 
I have seen riccia grow in a friend's tank where he simply pushed bunches of
them in the gravel. Apparently, they can actually anchor themsleves in the
gravel better than any tying to driftwood would do! By that time though, I
had already given up on riccia. Why don't you try it Tom?

Mark Pan
All things are possible to those, whose balls are the size of church bells