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CO2 vs O2

Hi all,

My name is Steve, and I am new to the list.  I apologize if I am repeating
something previously noted on the digest about the CO2 issue.  I wasn't
paying that much attention, until I just remembered reading something that
may be significant, perhaps it was on Dave Gomberg's page.

Was the lid on the tank in question relatively air tight?

I'm sure most of you know this but I've recently learned that when the
liquid CO2 in a tank is gone and just CO2 gas remains, (i) the pressure
decreases, (ii) the regulator fails to regulate, (iii) and CO2 can flood out
all at once, which is probably not a problem in an open tank but has been
fatal to all fish in tanks with a tight lid.

In this scenario, the CO2 displaces all the O2 in the air above the tank.
With no O2 in the air above the tank, we know what will happen.

Is it possible that this could happen at relatively  normal levels of CO2
injection, if the tank lid was on really tight?

So could the CO2 be displacing O2 in the air above the water column?   If
so, just lifting the lid should relieve the problem over a period of time.

I think I'll go loosen the lid on my tank.

Steve Pituch
Houston, TX