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Re: Icecap or other high tech ballast

Hi Soren,

I know that Icecap (www.icecapinc.com) does makes a 220V version of the 660
and 430 VHO Fluorescent Ballasts.  Reefers a Marine Aquarium Store
(www.acropora.com) does sell these modified ballasts for only 10 or 15
dollars more than the 110V versions.  The reason that I know this is
because on one of my reef lists, a person from Jakarta Indonesia wanted a
220V IceCap Ballast.  He purchased it from Brian at Reefers and he had
great service.  I hope this helps.

ps. The usual disclaimers apply, no affiliation etc. etc. 

Victor Eng							Vancouver, BC, Canada
engfam at axion_net