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Noisy Overflows (U-Tube variety)

All the comments about noisy overflows convinced me to share my overflow
quieting tips. These apply to the U-Tube variety. Below is the text that
accompanies the picture at the bottom of my plant page. The net result for
me is over 720 gallon per hour flow rates at less than 58 dB with no
"gurgles", "splashes" or other noises to bother the wife ;).

"Overflows are notoriously noisy, but there are several things you can do to
quiet them. You will notice that the stand pipe in the bottom of the
overflow has 2 pieces of plastic florescent egg crate on top of it. Above
that is a 1" thick porous sponge. Above that is a piece of blue filter
media. Running down through the middle is an 8" piece of 1/8" hard airline
tubing. You use it to eliminate the "gurgles". The line that runs down to
the sumps is covered in pipe insulation all the way down to the wet/drys.
This effectively muffles the sound of the water running through it."

Jon Wilson