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Re: CO2 system with/without pH controller

I seemed to hit a nerve with the posting that I made a couple of days ago.
I have received many response off the APD (which I appreciate, because some
were not nice at all, others were very informative).
 First let me give you a disclaimer.  I am not a biologist or a physicist.
Having said this I do pay attention to details that have affected my tank.
One undisputed fact no mater what anyone says is that when I measured the O2
after over dosing with CO2 it was dangerously low.  

This is fact....the other fact is that when I turned the air stone on hi to
compensate for this, the fish recovered within 30 minutes and my O2 went
back to normal limits.  That is a factual statement.

  When I set up a new CO2 tank and regulator I ran into the same problem and
this time I turned the air stone up on hi immediately, and the fish had
recovered within 15 minutes.  This evidence though you have not seen it
yourself, speaks loudly that CO2 some how starves the fish of the O2 they

  For those of you that are pissed off at me for speaking of this I can only
say TAKE A CHANCE if that is the only way to get you off my back and put
your poor fish through this, although I would not recommend being cruel to
your fish just to prove a point.  Maybe Mr. Booth or some one with a physics
degree can explain it but the O2 that I would pump back into the tank DID IN
FACT help the fish recover. That is undisputed proof in my book.