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Re: CO2 system with/without pH controller

"Berryman, David" wrote:
> This is fact....the other fact is that when I turned the air stone on hi to
> compensate for this, the fish recovered within 30 minutes and my O2 went
> back to normal limits.  That is a factual statement.

What kind of hood/top do you have on your tank?

Did you happen to measure the CO2 level when you hit this problem?

One of the posters mentioned the possibility that if the hood/top creates
a good seal, then maybe the CO2 was dissipating from the water, into the
airspace above the water, and forcing the air out of that space.  That
would prevent normal surface movement from adding O2 to the water like it
normally does.   In my empty-tank test, I had no top on the tank.  I'll
try to repeat the experiment with a tightly sealed top next time.

I doubt anyone is pissed off, merely questioning the facts.  No one doubts
that your fish were gasping at the surface.  My only question is, what was
the reason, as it was NOT due to high CO2 IN THE WATER.

Chuck Gadd