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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #20


I just hooked up my Dave Gomberg CO2 system last night. I'm ridiculously
thrilled by it. I can't speak for the regulator, because I didn't order
that part, but the rest of the set up is wonderful.  We played around
with it last night, and if the psi gets a tiny bit over what you would
want to run it at, the hose blows right off the adapter barb, so I can't
imagine how one could overdose with this system. (Be assured: The hose
stays quite secure and leak-free at the recommended psi) Especially if
one ran an airstone during lights off. I wouldn't think a secondary,
costly system for insurance against accidents would be needed.  

Now watch... something catastrophic that my paranoid, overprotective
imagination couldn't dream of will happen tonight.


> I have seen  many positive comments on Dave Gomberg's CO2 system and its
> great success.   I am curious, however, if anyone has hooked it to a pH
> controller for automatic dosing?  Is this an option?   I was considering
> buying everything and putting a system together but if this system has
> that capability, sounds like a much better (easier) solution.  Have had
> too many friends accidentally overdose and since I seem to be related to
> Murphy, I want to make it as automated (idiot proof) as possible.
> Thanks.
> Daphne