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KH question

Roger wrote:

>Actually adding CO2 to a tank with shells in the substrate will tend to
>make to KH higher.  That's because the CO2 (which is acidic) helps
>dissolve the shells.  Without it the shell will still dissolve, but >more slowly.

All this talk about KH just when I am trying to find a way to raise mine
(or at least, my aquarium's!) that stays level.  I have added shells to
my 60 gallon, but cautiously.  No noticable difference. People always
say "add dolomite" or "add a little baking soda" but what is the measure
of "a little" or "try some..."?  I have been adding baking soda to my
water changes, but that involves add a bit, test, fiddle, test, and it
gets tiresome.  If I were to add dolomite to the canister filter, would
KH continue to creep up indefinitly, or does it rise just so far, and
stay there? Any other, more stable methods?