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hair nets for java moss

I've seen it mentioned that a hair net works wonders for getting java
moss started on rocks.  I've been using the method for a month or two,
and really like it.  

But this afternoon I came home to find my acanthias adoni plecostomus 
(I think I have that right) hopelessly entangled in a hair net that I
thought I had securely tied/sewn to the underside of a rock.  

I performed a heart stopping 20 minutes of fine surgery, hunched over a
bucket under a bright light.  He was too exhausted to even flop, much
less fight, which aided the extraction. After an hour to regroup, he
seems fine, trolling around the tank like always.  I'm not sure if any
infection around the mouth or gills will show up later, but I gotts me
fingers crossed!

I am guessing he got a pectoral lightly snagged at first, maybe just
grazing over the top of the rock. But he's just big enough and strong
enough to have ripped the knots and threads I had used to tighten the
net underneath. 

I had also forgotten the blasted hair net was ON that rock, because the
moss has gotten so thick, or I wouldn't have put him in that tank when I
bought him without taking it out.

Just thought maybe someone else out there using the hair net method, or
other string methods, might want to be encouraged to be extra sure its
done carefully.