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KH Buffering


I was equally impressed by this, as I have to use peat to acidify the water 
for cardinals and neons. I've tried various brands, but filter media capacity 
prevented me from using a sizable enough amount to achieve anything much in 
the line of acidifying the water . . . I recently tried Fluval peat granules. 
It's much more compressed and very little is needed in comparison to lower 
pH. Even though it appears initially to be more costly it's much more bang 
for the buck. Just be cautious about how much you use. I erred in judgment 
and pH dropped way down .  . .


<< Wow ! That's quite a softening effect. What is the kitty litter brand ? For
 the sake of my tetras, I am using peat in my filter to try to lower the 
 excessive hardness generated by "aquarium" gravel. I know, I should have
 tested it before building the substrate... Even sizeable amounts of peat 
 a barely noticeable effect in kH and gH, if at all. Perhaps I could use your
 brand of kitty litter in the filter instead. 
 - -Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD