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KH Buffering

our tap water here in Melb is

I add a commercially available KH powder to my tank until I get the KH up to
4 which also raises the GH and the pH to 7.2.
I use CO2 injection into my filter inlet and the pH,GH and KH remain
constant no matter if the CO2 is on or off.
From time to time I have to add some more KH powder after maybe 5 heavy
water changes but it buffers perfectly with no constant checking of these
Incidentally I am doing this in a 700litre tank that is heavily planted (I
have to thin out and remove at least a bucket full of plant weekly) and
assign to the trash bin. It is also populated with over 40 large rainbow
fish which are fed twice daily on live food only and I use my own home made
brew of plant food with laterite balls in the substrate that I make myself
from local natural laterite sources.
We are blessed here in Melbourne for fish keeping with excellent tap water
(soft but easy to up) perfect PH and good local gravel sources,plenty of
natural drift wood around for tank use and natural laterite readily
available from the local countryside.
  I don't envy people in areas that have to rely on RO water but it seems
that all problems can be got around with careful planning and help from the
group which I recently needed for BBA (self induced by wrong fertiliser) and
BGA (again self induced) by not doing regular maintenance.
Thanks again to the group for that help.