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CAE / Brush Algae / Glosso

Hi folks,

First of all, thanks to everyone for giving me info and advice bout my earlier CAE dilemma.  I believe that those algae eaters of mine are CAE.  Till now I have not seen any ottos in the LFS therefore I can't make any comparison between them.  Moreover, I think at first I was quite reluctant to accept the fact that what I got are just CAE.

Despite the algae-eating crew that I've got are not the best around, algae growth in my tank is quite ok.  Just the normal unavoidable growth of fuzz and spot algae on the glass and leaves of some broad leaves plants.  Is there a way of getting rid of the spot algae on the leaves?

I think I've got some brush algae on my anubias barteri var. nana when i first brought it.  The algae are dark green in colour, almost looks black and in a tuft of about 7mm long.  I did not bother bout the algae at first and it's been there in my tank without creating any havoc for 2-3 months.  Finally i took the initiative to get rid of the leaves which are infected last week.  Yesterday i noticed that the edge of my crinum sp. leaves and java fern (just next to my anubias in the same tank) have dark green algae growing along it.  But they are very short, 1-2 mm.  I wonder if they are brush algae as well.  

I plan to grow glosso to cover up my tank floor but the LFS told me that glosso needs cooler water to grow and spread.  In my tank, the normal temp is bout 28-29 Celcius when light is on and when it's a hot day, temp in my tank soar up to 30-31 C.  Is it possible to grow glosso in my tank?

Thanks in advance.  

Best regards,
KL, Malaysia            

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