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Plantex CSM

I can get Plantex CSM for $31.25/5 # here in Roseville MN from a
reputable horticulture supply company.  They have 15-0-15 Cal-pot
special i was considering using.  Here's what's in it.
	Nitrogen	15%
	Phosphate	 0%
	Potassium	15%
	Boron		.02%
	Copper	.05%
	Iron		.10%
	Manganese	.05%
	Molybdenum	.015%
	Zinc		.05
	Calcium	11%
	EDTA 		 1%

Dan Waletzko

John Wrote:
<<PS If anyone out there purchased this stuff would you mind letting me know
<<what I charged you?  I kept no information so I don't know how to
check how
<<much the price of the CSM increased (or decreased).  Thanks.