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Pics and plant ID

I recently added a bunch of close-up pics of the plants in my 75g tank to my
web page.  There are a few pics where I'm not sure if I've got the ID correct
on the plants.  The main ones I'm curious about are:

Melon sword, I've got it identified as Aglaonema simplex.
Red Hygrophila, Alternanthera ?
Cryptocoryne wendtii:  I'm pretty sure that one is correct
And at the end of the plant section, to plants that I believe are crypts,
but I'm not sure.

The pics are at http://www.csd.net/~cgadd/aqua/75g.htm

Most of the ID's are based on "Aquarium Plants" by Barry James, Tetra press.
I don't know how reliable this book is.