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Re:Plantlets on Java Fern

The plantlets which LeeAnn referred to on the Java Fern are often left on to 
produce a "bunch" effect.   If you are only interested in propagating  as 
many as possible, then take them off when you think they have enough hairlike 
rootlet type holdfasts developed, fasten them to a weight with thread or 
other and place them back into the tank to grow.   Flytying line works great 
to fasten them and does not usually rot quickly.

If you are interested in producing a bunch-like effect, don't separate them.  
They will not do any harm to the originals except to shade them somewhat.   
When they get  too big then divide the whole bunch.   I find this latter 
method to be the most satisfying and successful.

Elmer L. Morehouse

The meek shall inherit the earth because they listen long enough to learn 
from others