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cheap magnents to clean your tanks

I bought some magnents from this guy over the net and found they work really 
well for cleaning tanks from the outside. I bought ten and plan on buying 
some more.

Cool thing is that they are really slim so I dont knock my plants over when 
cleaning my tank like I did with the old magnents. I never knew magnents 
this strong existed.

I asked him for the address of the web site and if I could have a few extra 
if I could get the apd people to buy form him. I hope I am not breaking any 
list rules since I am getting a few free magnents.


>Hello-sounds great!  Id give you a few bonus magnets if you bring in some
>orders...sure!  My website is at:http://www.wondermagnet.com/dev/index.html
>Take care-Dan

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