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Re: Cold water plants

January 4th, Jenny wrote :

>For my next project, I am planning on
>setting up a 20 g planted goldfish tank, but really have idea what sort
>plants do well in cold water so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Jenny,

        A lot of plants can grow in cold water. In fact, you can use almost
all the plants growing in temperate areas around the world. Personally, I
know european plants above all, but some of them are cosmopolitan and can be
pests in others areas (Myriophyllum spicatum, for instance). I would advise
you to use Elodea, Potamogeton, Myriophyllum, Ceratophyllum (all with
submersed leaves) and Nymphoides (with floating leaves) species. There are
rather attractive and easy to grow.
        Some species generally used at warmer temperatures can also be used
in cold water : Vallisneria and Ludwigia species, for instance...
        Sincerely yours,

    Arnaud ELGER - Lyon, France