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Amphiprion ocellaris

Common name: false clownfish, ocellaris clown

Photo by Mark Rosenstein / Active Window Productions, Inc.

Photo by Jeff Noschese

This clownfish is often confused with A. percula, the true clownfish. Ocellaris clowns have narrower black borders on the stripes and fins, ten rather than eleven dorsal spines, and a taller anterior dorsal fin.

In the wild they are found in Heteractis magnifica (ritteri or malu anemones), Stichodactyla gigantea (brown or purple carpet anemone), or Stichodactyla mertensii (green carpet anemone).

A. ocellaris is one of the easiest anemonefishes to keep. It eats just about any aquarium food offered, and is extremely hardy. The only problem with A. ocellaris is its agression towards other Amphiprion species, particularly its own kind. To remedy belligerence among these fish, keep several of them in a single tank. They will develop a "pecking order" so that no single fish is always attacked.

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