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The Fish Information Service, or FINS, is a free information service about topics of interest to the aquarium hobbyist. I am a hobbyist myself, and started this before my company got into World-Wide Web publishing. I strive to put online any information I can which is of use to aquarists.

FINS is constantly changing as new information is added and old information is updated. If you don't find what you're looking for, come back later and look again, or better yet, when you get an answer write it up and I'll add it to the archive. I will gladly accept any submissions for FINS as long as you have the right to publish it (i.e. it is not covered by a copyright).

The presence of an ad on our server does not constitute an endorsement of a particular product. We do not edit the comments in FINS based on the desires of our advertisers.

Except where noted, the information in FINS is copyright by Active Window Productions. Permission is granted for you to make copies of small portions of this archive for your own personal use. You may not copy significant portions of the site or use the materials in a commercial endevor.

--Mark Rosenstein, Editor

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