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Amphiprion clarkii

Common name: Clark's clownfish

Photo by Mark Rosenstein / Active Window Productions, Inc.

Photo by Mark Rosenstein / Active Window Productions, Inc.

Photo by Rad Calhoun

This clownfish is a hardy clownfish. It adapts to a new environment quite easily. However, if nitrate levels are too high, it may not be able to withstand it and simply dies off (not like dasmelfishes). They will adapt to many different kinds of anemone. They are very territorial, especially agressive with other clowns and damsels.

This is a protandrous hermphrodite, pairliving in anemones. An adult pair consists of a large female and a small male accompannied by some juveniles of female sex with some male gonadal tissue. When the mature female dies or disappears, the adult male changes sex and becomes a functional female. The largest juvenile then changes to male.

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