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Astronotus ocellatus

Common name: red oscar, albino tiger oscar, tiger oscar, oscar

Photo by Randy Conwell

Photo by Munish Jauhar

albino tiger oscar
Photo by Mark Rosenstein / Active Window Productions, Inc.

Albino tiger oscars
Photo by Dave Humphrey

red oscars
Photo by Darrel Temple

Oscars! Now your talking about a man kind of fish! Yeah, they get hulky, look mean, eat alot, belch when ever they feel like it and reall enjoy a big crap. This fish grows daily ! I have 2 tiger oscars, 1 albino tiger, and a red. All of them are all between 5-8 inches. Oscars being what they are, there is always pushing and sparing. I was hoping they would all get along if they were raised together, but I don't think so. They are not at all aggressive toward people, just other fish. Sometimes I see one head down and plowing into the gravel or siding up to another with all his fins erect and literally vibrating. When these guys spar, they lock mouths and try to over power each other. The only damage that has occured was when a trapped one strikes a hard object while fleeing form an encounter, losing several scales or minor scapes. One thing I have noticed--they heal quite fast (4 -5 days). I do apply water conditioner to the tank weekly and aquarium salt at complete changes. With this many dirty fish in one tank, water changes are frequent. No point in decorating your tank with real or fake plants, these guys like to rip them up. Despite these problems, I think the oscars are my favorite of all fish. Perhaps because I like how a 2" baby can gorw to a 6" brusier in a few months. Perhaps it's because they recognize and respond excitedly to their owner. Maybe it's that "don't mess with me" look, but by all means if you're thinking about purchasing an oscar, go for it. You'll be glad you did.
Jim Green Huntsville Ontario Canada

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