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Metynnis sp.

Common name: silver dollar

Photo by D. J. Riebesell

Photo by Anthony Feldi

Silver dollars are graceful and beautiful fish. Most times thes fish are only viewed when young 1-2 inches in length. My two were 2" when I got them several months ago, but have now fledged out into deep bodied, silver shimmering specimens. They have the distinct look of the fearsome piranha, but are quite the opposite. Very gentle and friendly if you hand feed them, but they can and will move very quickly if they feel threatened in any way. Unlike other fish when hand fed, who snatch and run, the silver dollars take it very sensitively and after wait for the next piece to be offered. I thought I had two boys as they both have red colored anal fins (mark trait) when younger, but now one has grown larger then the other and one has scarcely any color left in its anal fins. This might suggest that I actually have a pair after all. My dollars are approximately 4" in length, which means they are also about the same depth. If they turn to face you though, you could easily overlook them, as they are quite slim in width. I feed a diet of earthworm (sectioned) bloodworm, beefheart, and shrimp. They also like tropical flake food and spirulina flakes or sea weed salad. They don't bother any of the other tank mates, keeping mostly to themselves. Never get only one silver dollar, as they need the company of their own species to be happy, 3 to 5 is best. In a tank with several other types of peaceful fish, two will suffice. I am impressed with these guys now... can't wait until they reach their maximum size of 6". Of coarse, I will undoubtedly have to seperate them for space reasoons, but they are definitely worth the investment.
Jim Green Huntsville Ontario Canada

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