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NFC: really big big tanks

 Fred Hamilton you out there.    I need to do a search for Fred's tanks.
I think his are in the 2000 gallon neighborhood and the plans are on the
web.  I will do a search for them when I get home tonite and hopefully I
can point you in the right direction.  He built a concrete form for the
tanks, yes he built two, and has glass in the front of them.  They are a
permanent part of the room and look spectacular. 

Hopefully, it is still out there.

-> Can you point me to any resources on how to go about building such a
-> tank?  Long and low is preferable to me anyway and those dimensions
-> sound about right.  I also very much like the 36" width.  My current
-> tank is only 18" wide and the larger fishes have to slow down to a stop
-> to turn around.  Anyway, like I said, I've got space, and I've got time,
-> and tools.  Most importantly, I've got a wife who is also into fish and
-> it will be an easier sell than telling her we need a new dual-processor
-> computer. ;-)