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Re: NFC: Re: Darter tanks and other stuff

Joshua L Wiegert wrote:

> Chris...
> Hope you have MEGA floors to support 700 gallons!

Concrete foundation... tank resting right on foundation.  I'll have the
architect spec it out to take the weight.

Here's my thought.  The new house WILL have a dedicated fishroom, either
in the barn or in the basement of the house.  Because of the weight of
all the tanks it will have to be on the foundation either way.  I'm
leaning towards the barn because here in NC the ground water is high and
the soil doesn't drain so the basements tend to be wet.  Anyway, we'll
have our smaller display tanks throughout the main house but for the
fish room it would be very nice to have one HUGE tank, maybe with a
bowfin or a few bass.  Just something with some really big fish in it
cruising around to watch while I'm down there.

The 135 gallon tank, I am finding, is too small.  Right now I have a
couple of pacus in there that are now limited in their mobility because
of the smallness of the tank.  I have some bluegills in there too that
are fine, but I know a nice sized largemouth bass would have problems. 
I like having one tank around with big fish, and hate that I am still
limited even with a 135 gallon tank in what fish I can keep.

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